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Mama Inspirationally Distracted…

Currently Mama is having a love-hate relationship with long weekends. While on one hand it’s fabulous to not have to make lunches, wash uniforms and race to school in the morning with grumbly, over-tired kids, the downside is that Mama is completely thrown off for the entire week. These days if Mama doesn’t write down on the to-do list that we need toilet paper or to send the bills, it doesn’t get done. It’s as if pregnancy took Mama’s brain eight years ago and has never really ever given it back to Mama. Sad, but true. No matter how many times Mama reads a blog or a Pintrest tip on how to remember things, Mama forgets it the minute after reading it. Isn’t there a vitamin that helps you regain memory? Like fish oil or something…

Then this weekend Mama decided to catch-up on work and was browsing across some magazines and discovered the Parenting OC Magazine named Mama one of the 15 most inspirational blogs in the area. Mama is HONORED, of course, but then confused because lately Mama has been slacking a whole lot. So now Mama is here to again remind us to live a very stylish, organized and carefree life with screaming but well dressed children in tow.

So now that Valentine’s Day has come and gone, Mama is ready to move on from all the pink and red hearts and get ready for some sweet spring styles. White denim starts to make its way out of the closet, tall boots are swapped for flats, you wear a waterproof anorak instead of a snow parka and you start the search for the perfect bathing suit. Which in Mama’s shopping experience means that you are still searching for that perfect suit ten years later. Let’s wait on the bathing suits for now and just start with a few spring items that are perfectly perfect!

Happy Shopping Mamas! XOXO

1. Margherita Peasant Top, $68, at anthropologie.com.

2. Sam Edelman Serena Sandals, $140, at piperlime.com.

3. HIve & Honey Chevron Stripe Knit Maxi Dress, $69, at piperlime.com.

4. Vintage Twist Bracelet in Turquoise and Coral, $39, at stelladot.com.

5. Cafe Capri in Dot, $98, at jcrew.com.

6. Printed Canvas Tote, $39.50, at gap.com.

Weekend Inspiration #3: Anchors Away…

Here’s the thing about three day weekends…one can never catch-up. For the entire next week you’re always off by one day and you feel like you’re walking sideways because you didn’t drink your V8 that day. So…alas the week is finally ending and it’s time to start the weekend off right with a little shopping inspiration.

The hubs said to me the other day…“Mama, can’t you go one day without spending money?” 

As Mama looked at him dumbfounded because we all know that money grows on trees (according to Lily-girl it really does because money is made of paper and paper is made from trees…try that logic on your hubs)…“well, maybe if Mama doesn’t leave the house and you take away all the technology that allows Mama to shop online.”

“However, Mama can’t promise anything if the Avon lady, Fuller Brush guy or the Encyclopedia sales men comes knocking at the door. Or the Girl Scouts with their cookies — then all bets are off!”

He hasn’t asked since then but we all know that it is nearly impossible to not spend money for a day. We’ve run out of milk, kids need a check for their field trip, the car needs gas, Lily-girl has a project at school and we need craft supplies…the list is endless on how the money is spent. For the next week, Mama is writing down every time we spend money and what its for. Mama thinks it will give us a better perspective on need vs. want. But what’s better than shopping for something you really, really want?! Nothing really…because shopping for toilet paper and diapers at Target just gets a little Groundhog Day after awhile.

Here’s to changing it up this weekend…Mama is feeling so nautical and can’t wait for spring and all these fun stripes. Have any favorites?

Happy Shopping! XOXO 

From top left:

Hive & Honey Chevron Striped Maxi Dress, $64, at piperlime.com

Anchor Ring, $38, at jcrew.com

Gabby Sweatshirt, $68, at anthropologie.com

Anchor Printed Chambray Shirt, $22.50, at oldnavy.com

Anchor Hinged Bangle, $38, at piperlime.com

Embroidered Anchor Stripe Tee, $34.95, at gap.com

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