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Oh Target, how I love thee…

3770Mama may not be the only one having a love affair with Target but what Mama does know is that it does in fact have everything you need to survive in life…stylishly. Everything from their designer collaborations to the Andy Warhol designed Perrier bottles that Target carries, reminds Mama of going to a fancy wedding on a budget. You know how Mama loves to get something fabulous for a bargain because honestly, we all know that people only compliment the items that you get at Target for $25 versus the expensive vase you bought at Tiffany & Co. for $200. It’s just the way the world works. People appreciate chic finds at great prices. Which is why Mama went on a style hunt this past weekend to find the perfect items at Target for their Target Wedding series of “Be Yourself, Together.” The theme meaning that two people with individual styles can come together to celebrate their love while also celebrating their unique and separate styles. Where was Target when Mama was planning her own winter wedding almost nine years ago this next December 4th?! While it doesn’t snow in Southern California where we live, we wanted the occasion to seem like a once in a lifetime experience like seeing it snow in Southern California at the beach for the very first time. It married my husband’s love for the place we live while not being overly feminine in colors like pink and purple.

With all the new social media channels it’s even easier to find something that strikes your fancy when trying to create a “theme” to your wedding. Pinterest, Tumbler and Instagram are great places to find that inspiration along with just searching catalogs like the Target Wedding Catalog. Here’s a few things from Target that Mama would have loved to add to the winter white wedding we had or if you have an anniversary coming up, it’s a great time to put all those ideas you’ve collected together and throw a fantastic party again to celebrate your love!

Oh how Mama would have loved to ride into the tent we had put up on these bikes — how FUN!! You could also add signs on the back that say “Just Married” or give these as a gift to the happy couple (go in on it with a couple of friends to make the price more affordable).


As the night goes on, an espresso is just what is needed. Mama doesn’t like regular coffee but a latte, yes! This Nespresso machine will let people personalize their drinks just like at Starbucks but without the paper cup where their name is spelled wrong! Hire someone to man the coffee bar or let people do it themselves. What a perfect touch to keep the party going into the wee hours of the night!

14575825_130516063000_265x265Another thing Mama loves is desserts! You can never have too many options when it comes to sweets. Mama loves the idea of skipping the big wedding cake in favor of smaller bite desserts like lemon bars, mini cupcakes and brownies on these tired pedestal stands. Just think…you can keep the stands after for your next party too!


Mama just loves the new decor that is out there too for the holidays — you can save a ton of money by adding a few of these items like tinsel trees as centerpieces instead of doing flowers. Candles are also a perfect way to add ambiance without a whole lot of money. What Mama does remember is registering at Target for those household items you can’t live without, so if you’re getting married anytime soon, sign up on the Target Wedding Registry…you can thank Mama later!

Since Mama has such a love affair with Target, they kindly offered Mama to giveaway one $25 gift card to an Everyday Mama reader! Lucky YOU! Everyone needs something from Target and why not get one of these great items for an upcoming wedding or party! Here’s what you need to do to enter: Visit the Target Wedding Catalog and tell Mama in the comments below your favorite item for the party you’ll be hosting (a wedding, bridal shower, celebration of love…). Easy, peasy…just like finding the perfect items at Target!

***Giveaway rules: The giveaway is open to U.S. residents only and must be at least 18 years old. The giveaway runs from 11/7/13 to midnight PST on 11/14/11 at which time a winner will be selected at random and e-mailed. If within 48 hours the winner has not responded, another winner will be selected. Thanks for entering!

***Disclosure: Mama was provided a $50 gift card as compensation for this post by Target. All opinions are Mama’s own and as you can tell from Mama’s previous posts, Mama really does love Target.


Mama’s social media shoes

Some people have resisted against joining social media. Why? Who knows…it’s one of those things where you better embrace because it will just continue to surpass all your knowledge of the world — just like technology. Our poor grandparents! Mama for one, just goes with it because…it’s in the job description. Here’s a nod to everything we love about social media — they’re in the mail and Mama can’t wait to wear them. #Hashtagthat #SMlove #shoes

Princess Vera Wang Smoking Flats, $21.97, at kohls.com

Social Media Shoes

Halloween style

Halloween is one of Mama’s favorite holidays. There’s something fabulous about seeing all the little kids dressed up in their costumes and ready to hit the streets in search of candy treats. However, Mama does draw the line on some of the adult costumes we’ve seen lately. Halloween style doesn’t have to mean getting all dressed up from head-to-toe. Save that for the littles and use your imagination and your sense of style to wear one of these hip accessories that will get you into the spirit without donning the big pumpkin shirt (we get it, you’re pregnant but seriously…)! Which one is your favorite? Mama loves the cat ear headband!

Happy Halloween! xoxo

Halloween Hip

How to frame and print your Instagram photos

FramingInstagramPhotosMama knows…it’s been way too long since you’ve heard from Mama. It’s quite annoying — all this hibernating and then coming back when one feels like it. Mama has to tell you, it’s not been easy juggling three kiddos with school and sports schedules, the paid work (always comes first), then the volunteering at the schools and then to top it off the traveling hubs. However, Mama has been keeping busy and is actually enjoying coming out from behind the computer these days and actually living life. It goes by way too fast and before Mama knows it, none of the kids will want to hang with Mama. Speaking of capturing every moment…who’s not obsessed with Instagram these days?!

Mama loves snapping photos of the kids and using filters, no filters…whatever strikes Mama’s fancy to see their smiling faces or sometimes, the not smiling faces, which always turn out to the best photos. Instagram, which is now owned by Facebook, is truly one of the best apps that a Mama could use but most of us just seem to keep the photos online and never download them or print them out. Mama is here to tell you, you should and you can do both.

While as much as we love our Apple products, they do on occasion crash, get lost or stolen. Then for weeks and months there is no consoling you that most of your photos are gone forever. If you’re on an iPhone, you can easily set your phone to back-up to your “cloud.” This will allow you to access these photos at any time from your other devices, such as a home computer or iPad. Easy enough, right? But what about printing?

Printing is almost as easy as backing up to the cloud via Printstagram. Just by allowing Printstagram access to your Instagram photos, you can select which photos you would like to print. The most popular way to order your prints is the Squares option. It gives you two options, mini squares, which come in a set of 48 and the squares, which come in a set of 24. Mama prefers the regular squares option as they are the perfect size to frame individually, as Mama will tell you below. The mini squares are cute to put in a box or make a tiny photo collage with. Each set is $12 and it prints just like you see it on your Instagram stream — filters and all. It’s so worth it!

So now that you know how to print your favorite Instagram photos, what do you do with them? Frame them, of course, for your parents and those few friends that refuse to embrace social media (yes, we all still know people like that). And you know what? Mama has found the perfect frame — well, Mama should say the neighbor found it and then Mama took it up a notch and used it for the Instagram squares! See the outcome below with the Window Wall Frame (black and white colors available), $28, at pier1.com.  Mama thinks it’s the perfect way to display your favorite #Instalove photos, no?!


Mama’s Back-to-School #Giveaway: Westfield’s ‘Unlock the Fun’

unlockthefunSay what?! Back-to-school time?! Doesn’t it seem like yesterday Mama was just exclaiming how summer was finally here…it’s true, everyone is gearing up for the next big school year. Lily-girl will be started second grade, Baby Boy is headed to Pre-K and CeCe…well, we’re just hoping she’s going to start talking before her 2nd birthday. Mama LOVES back-to-school shopping…the thrill of a new backpack and lunch box, new shoes, new socks and the first day outfit. Unfortunately for Lily-girl and all her little friends…it’s back to the uniform but at least the styles have been updated this year (goodbye 80′s skort and hello skirt with built-in bike shorts)!

To celebrate the shopping back-to-school frenzy, Westfield North County is hosting a FREE family-friendly ‘Unlock the Fun” style and fashion event on Saturday, August 24 and Sunday, August 25 from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m., that will include free fashion advice from San Diego-based Stylist Jennifer Rosson of Style Your Life, a braid and nail art bar, mini makeovers from UK-based Boots Cosmetics and a locker installation event where you can text to win prizes like an iPad Mini, concert tickets and gift cards.

Speaking of gift cards…Mama has one to give you…because…why not?! Here’s how you enter to win your own $50 gift card to Westfield North County that you can spend at any of the stores in the mall (woot, woot!). It’s going to be an AWESOME event so Mama hopes to see you there so we can shop together and enjoy some calm before the back-to-school craziness starts again.

Winner will receive:
-  $50 Westfield North County gift card; you and one guest will be invited to attend the VIP Unlock the Fun Event on Sunday, August 25 from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. complete with beverage (bubbly!) and dessert reception, and can have a chance to try the different style stations prior to the public.

***Winner must be present at the “Unlock the Fun” VIP event on August 25th to redeem $50 Westfield North County gift card. Winner must confirm/accept prize within 48 hours or another winner will be selected. Giveaway is open to Greater San Diego area residents 18+ years of age. Contest begins Thursday, August 8 and concludes Sunday, August 18 at midnight. Winner will be chosen at random and announced on Monday, August 19. The giveaway is sponsored by Westfield North County, all opinions are Mama’s.

Happy Shopping Mamas! XOXO

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