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The Elephant in the Room…

Mama’s HERE, Mama’s HERE! As Mama’s friend would say — can’t you hear the crickets around here? It’s just that time of year when everything gets pushed in front of everything else and well, you add a newborn baby on top of it and it all just topples over. Hopefully Mama will be back on track during the New Year…or so one can hope! However Mama did want to get this post up because well…it’s important because this is the time of year when everyone seems to be doing a White Elephant Gift Exchange. WHY? Because they’re fun and it’s one of the only ways us adults get gifts anymore. However, Mama has noticed that some people are quite lost when it comes to picking a good Elephant gift…therefore, Mama feels the need to step in.

Mama is always THAT person that walks away from a White Elephant Gift Exchange feeling robbed. Mama always ends up with the “Ugh” gift — the mug. The mug while yes, it’s useful and practical…it’s not funny or something that Mama was dying to have. It’s just that — a mug. Mama does NOT want you to be THAT person that gets the mug nor brings the mug so listen up for your gift exchanges this week because Mama has a few way more exciting ideas to share with you that will get the crowd excited and get you going home with a “YEAH” gift (or at least something that can be re-gifted again).

This is the practical gift and it’s VERY large which makes people want to open it! A 12-pack of toilet paper is just what every gift exchange needs.

This is a great pick for a Mama’s Night Out gift exchange or for those really close friends and neighbors that you laugh and party with. It will get the crowd roaring (NOTE: THIS IS NOT FOR CHILDREN)! Big Teaze Toys I Rub My Duckie, $24.95, at soap.com. Mama is laughing that you can just throw it in with the diaper order so no-one will “know.” HA!

You can’t go wrong with something pretty. Pretty is always good! Anemone Mezzo Vase, $18, at anthropologie.com.

Anything from “AS SEEN ON TV” is sure to bring some laughs to the party and make for some good gift stealing! Perhaps the Shake Weight or a Forever Lazy (adult blanket onesie!) is in order for your next party?! Shake Weight Dumbbell, $15, at amazon.com or Forever Lazy, $29.95, at orderforeverlazy.com.

Everyone loves alcohol at these gift exchanges — it’s a big ticket item, especially if it’s a good bottle. Mama prefers to go with the FUN theme and found these little POP Pommery Champagne Splits at World Market, $14.99 each, the other day. Perfect to ring in 2012!

Cool jewelry goes a long way but it can be hard to pick out something EVERYONE is going to like. However, here’s a couple of recent favorites that Mama gave recently that were a definite hit! Maltese Cuff, $32, at stelladot.com and Sequin Small Crystal Detail Hinge Bracelet, $25, at nordstrom.com.

Okay time to confess…what did you bring to your last White Elephant Gift Exchange??

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