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Monday must-have: indoor fun for kids

What a weekend…it rained…and rained…and then it was windy and cold. The sun did peek out every once in awhile but not enough to make you want to drudge the kids to the park to play in the mud. As you know, Mama always has a few tricks up her sleeve when it comes to entertaining the kids on a rainy day but sometimes, you just want do to something a bit different but way fun. Sometimes we just get stuck in a rut of how to entertain the kids when the weather is less than spectacular or perhaps you have a few things around the house you need to get done. These activities will keep them entertained at least long enough for you to brush your teeth or take a quick shower!

Happy Monday Mamas! XOXO

1. BabbaCo BabbaBox — remember last year when Mama told you how obsessed the kids are with getting mail? They live for even junk mail like the Disney Movie Club stickers or a flyer about a new hotel. So you can just imagine their delight when a package addressed just to them arrives every month that is full of activities that kids and parents can enjoy together without ever having to leave the house. Appropriate for kids ages 3-7 (although, Lily-girl is almost 7 and she still adores it), BabbaCo delivers a box of themed activities and crafts. For example, this month (February 2013) the “My Awesome Adventures” BabbaBox is available and it will get their little imaginations revving. Which is such a change from turing on the TV (EEK!). This month BabbaCo and Shutterfly have teamed up to give you gifts and prizes (SCORE!). Just sign up for BabbaCo’s newsletter which will give you fresh ideas for activities, recipes and other fun stuff and you are entered to win a great prize package: an Annual Membership to the BabbaBox ($240 value), and a $50 Gift Card from Shutterfly. Additionally, BabbaCo is also running a “Cure to the Indoor Blues” offer right now: 33% ($10) Off the 1st month of a new monthly or annual subscription. Just use the Coupon Code: FEB33 at checkout. So fun and so what the doctor ordered for a rainy day. To sign-up for the Newsletter and/or a box subscription visit, www.babbaco.com.

2. Dance Party — crank up the tunes and get the wiggles out. We always sing really, really loud and jump on the couch…because if you can’t do it on a rainy day, then when can you do it?! Oh, and the best part…it’s FREE!!

3. Window Markers — drawing on paper is so ordinary but drawing on the glass windows and doors is so boredom busting. Have them doodle away and then wipe on, wipe off with glass cleaner for easy clean-up. Crayola Washable Window Markers, $3.88, at amazon.com.

4. Game On — blow off the dust of of those board games and get the kids thinking on how they can beat you in Old Maid, UNO or Sorry. If you have preschoolers (ages 3-5), try the new Bear in Underwear game, $20, at kiddlywinks.com.

5. READ, READ…READ! — how many books do you have in your house that you haven’t read in months or maybe even years? Pull them all out and have a reading marathon. The kids will love discovering old treasured books and it may spark their imaginations for new activities like building forts out of pillows saving the world!

**This post was sponsored by BabbaCo in an effort to get your kid’s imaginations moving and creating…nothing wrong with that!

Outdoor water fun…maybe?!

Being a Mama is funny sometimes. In fact, Mama the other days just had to stop at the hilarity of the situation of three kids whining, crying and tantruming and just giggle. Why get mad when you could just laugh instead?

So this week it’s just plain HOT outside. Okay, for those of you in the midwest…we do have nothing to complain about but 83 degrees is hot around here. Mama has finally caught up with work and has a few minutes to  take Baby Boy swimming in our community pool. Awesome, right? Well we finally get there…only to find out the pool is closed and drained on the hottest day of the year so far. BUMMER! He’s been so patient and really needs some time with Mama so what do we do…we go home and find our old baby pool to blow-up.

After spending a half-hour blowing it up, the pool is ready. CeCe and Baby Boy get in and are happy for about 15 minutes before the pool slowly starts to deflate…and soon becomes flat. WHAT?! Of course, a tiny hole because it hasn’t been used since last summer. So what do we do now? We head into the air conditioned car and go to Target to scout a new one out. We scour the aisles and happen to find only 10 left. Three of which won’t work because they are Princess and then tucked in the way back…a Cars pool and it comes with a slide. Success! We run home and Mama reads the directions.

“Don’t use a high-power air compressor on this pool as it may damage the seams. Blow-up only via mouth or hand pump.”

Seriously?! Blow-up only by mouth??? Last time it took a half-hour with an air compressor. This is not looking good.

Mama starts blowing, and blowing and huffing and puffing for 15 solid minutes. Mama is feeling light-headed and the pool still looks deflated as does Baby Boy and CeCe has all but forgotten the fun of having a pool and has taken up shrieking instead. She’s not entertained by Mama blowing up the pool. Mama decides to ignore the instructions (men do it all the time!) and use the air compressor.

This pool is taking forever to blow-up but finally…finally, another 30 minutes go by and we have ourselves a backyard pool. Baby Boy immediately jumps in and CeCe decides to join him…but what about Mama? Mama is so HOT from all this air blowing and running to Target. Why not jump in too? So Mama sticks a few toes in and is quickly told by Baby Boy, “this pool is NOT for adults Mama. Only kids — see the box.” 

Humph! He’s too smart for his own good. So here’s our pool for the summer and what we’re doing to stay cool and have fun at the same time. However, when it comes to water…the kids aren’t all that picky about how to play with it. Water balloons and water squirters for a good old fashioned water fight are always fun too and toddlers always love water tables to splash around in.

So this summer it’s all about water fun and cooling down…how do you like to play with your kids outdoors on a hot summer day?

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July Must-Haves

Really Mamas, if you’ve been around Mama long enough you should know by now that Mama is usually always late. Not on purpose but just because life’s little messes get in the way. Too much to do, not enough time (well that and Mama probably had to clean up poop before arriving at the said destination). So for most of you July is almost over and August is coming up on the horizon but for Mama…it’s just beginning…or at least never too late to talk about July Must-Haves.

Mama thought summer was going to be easier. Not as much shuttling the kids around, long lazy days in the sun playing at the beach, park or pool…a few weekend vacations with the family. However, it’s turned into a huge rat race of going from camp to camp, getting paperwork ready for the fall and just a bunch of busy work. Mama is actually looking forward to the fall because everyone will be more on a schedule and life becomes more predictable. Boring, right?! Well, for now it’s just easier that way. However, there’s still one month of summer left to enjoy so let’s do it…stylishly, of course!

Must-Have — if you haven’t already hit up the Nordstrom Anniversary sale, then you best do it now. There are some fantastic deals to be had and you’ll kick yourself come October when you want to pull out a pair of boots or skinny jeans and realize that the ones you have are so last season. It’s on NOW through August 6th and Mama has a few favorites from the sale that are just too good to pass up. Mama just couldn’t get into the floral denim trend of spring/summer but these Paige Verdugo Coated Skinny Jeans are so HOT for fall (on sale for $119.90, regularly $198!) and the savings is fantastic. You can wear these casually or on a night out…love. Then check out this Chanel-inspired jacket from Hinge (on sale for $89.90, regularly $138)…you’ll wear it all season long and it’s less than $100 and goes with everything. Mama got the pink version but the black is classic. There is so much more but one more key staple for the fall…are these boots from Vince Camuto (on sale for $169.90, regularly $258.95). Mama can’t wait until it’s time to get boots on!!

Must-Do– if you’re a local then you must, must, must hit the Del Mar Race Track for racing season. Without going into too much boring childhood history…Mama grew up at the track. Mama’s grandfather and father were/are avid race fans having owned horses that raced. We would make a day of it, bet on our favorites (Mama always chose by name or jockey…of course, children don’t bet but you get it) and if we won we would go out for a fancy dinner and ice cream. If we didn’t win, we hit McDonald’s and still got the ice cream. It is one of Mama’s favorite childhood memories going to the race track and sometimes we would go early in the morning to catch the horse exercising. You can do all of that right here. Saturdays and Sundays are Family Fun Days at the Del Mar Race Track and this Sunday, July 29th is the BIG Family Day where each child gets a special prize, a plush horse WebKinz. Gates open at 12 p.m. and the races start at 2 p.m. Wear a hat, bring sunscreen and get ready to have some FUN!! Children 17 and under are FREE too. More information can be found at www.delmarracing.com and on Facebook at www.facebook.com/delmarracing. It just so happens that Mama has 2 tickets to GIVEAWAY…WOOT!!! Just head to Mama’s Facebook page and post a comment telling Mama you’re favorite racing memory (could be a horse or you running…as long as you thought it was a race). 

Must-Read– when it comes to summer reading, Mama prefers a good chick lit book. Mama prefers to save the deep thinking material for curling up beside the fireplace in the winter. If you’ve already read 50 Shades (who hasn’t by now) then you’re ready to move on with something with a little more substance but not much. Emily Giffin’s newest book, Where We Belong, is the perfect beach read. Light hearted but with a plot. Two women that unveil a deep secret that binds them together…romance, drama, friendship…what more does one want in a good book?!

Must-Do — it’s still summer so stop shopping for back-to-school and have an ice cream party! That’s right, it’s National Ice Cream month for four more days. Get the kids in the neighborhood together and throw an ice cream fiesta. Mama is obsessed with coffee ice cream of which Fresh & Easy Neighborhood Market has some of the yummiest Mama has ever tasted. However, the kiddos don’t like it but they do have flavors like Wild Blueberry and Orange Creme that one just can’t resist. MMM…Mama got a bunch of cups and cones, sprinkles and candy toppings and made it a huge ice cream social…so summery and so fun. Check out Mama’s Pinterest board for more party inspiration!

What are you craving this July?


Mama’s Mirror, Mirror…

You know those days when you just feel like a horrible parent. While sure there was nothing you could have really done to avoid your kid ramming into another kid into the slide and catapulting him into the sand below or the time when they decided to play tag with a rather large stick…or the time when your kid decides he wants to use his hands to hit instead of hug. Oh yes, those days still exist and will be for a long time. You feel like a horrible parent…”what have I done to deserve such torture?” you ask your self several times throughout the day. Then as you lock you and the kids inside vowing never to step foot into the outside world again…you realize that it happens to everyone that has been a parent and you suck it up and move on.

Yes, that pretty much describes the day’s events. It was exciting and Mama still feels so awful that it was Mama’s kid that caused such drama. The boy. Always the boy. ***SIGH***

So as Mama tries to turn this day around, Lily-girl was looking forward to having the girls in the neighborhood come over for some crafting, treats and the newly released movie on DVD Mirror, Mirror starring Julia Roberts and Lilly Collins. It’s the story of Snow White (of course) and the seven dwarfs and the evil queen (played by Julia Roberts). It’s fun, imaginative and just what Mama and Lily-girl need — some girl time.

We popped in the DVD that was sent with love by 20th Century Fox Entertainment (thank you!), painted our nails (see), crafted (see more) and ate ice cream (empty bowls…) and in the end we all got Mirror, Mirror spa kits filled with branded goodies (kids expect goodie bags now even from a low-key gathering!). The movie was adorable and now is on our must-view several times a week list (yes, Mama is forced to sit through WALL-E up to three times a week now). It was the perfect summer day with friends! Run, don’t walk to get your own Mirror, Mirror copy now…because it’s just fun.

How did you spend your day today?

**Mama was sent the Mirror, Mirror DVD and spa kits by 20th Century Fox for promotional purposes. All the opinions are Mama’s own and yes, the movie was good (for real) and Mama doesn’t just say that for a freebie (well, perhaps for a trip to the Caribbean).

Big top dreams…

Mama hopes all of you Mamas had a wonderful Mama’s Day celebrating with your littles. While apparently the Swiss don’t celebrate Mother’s Day because they have held the hubs hostage for that American celebration for the past five years, Mama was celebrating alone with the three kiddos. While some say it’s just another day…Mama is still trying to figure out if it was a good day or not.

Some husbands believe that the day is solely about celebrating the “mother” — their mother and NOT the mother of their children. Others (the smart ones) send their well wishes, flowers and cards to their mother but they also celebrate their wife and the mother of their children. Mother’s Day is about celebrating anyone that is a mother as Mama sees it. You celebrate all of them.

While Mama still has small children, one cannot just take the day off. You are bound to do a dish, change a diaper, read them a story or be on bath duty. Now when they’re a bit older like the tween and teen stage of life, you just want them to spend time with you. So what’s better for Mother’s Day — a day without them or a day with them? Mama is undecided because at this point both sound right. In fact the Mother’s Day Mama had was not what Mama had in mind but just the fact that Mama spent the whole day playing with them and refereeing them will have to do.

On another thought…Mama is absolutely appalled at the idea of getting an appliance as a gift. Some people are not offended, however, Mama thinks that a gift should be something that one would want for themselves but would never splurge on it themselves. An appliance is a need. Is a gift bag full of workout wear a subtle hint?!

Enough of Mama’s day already…the hubs will make it up by taking Mama to see the new Cirque du Soleil production, TOTEM, that is currently in San Diego, NOW through May 27, 2012. Mama is obsessed with Cirque shows and often has dreams of running away with  the Cirque. Headquartered in Montreal, Cirque is an amazing culture in itself having over 50 nationalities and languages but they are all artists.

They are flexible and put on an amazing show that is unsurpassed in beauty. Mama got a behind-the-scenes tour the other day and was amazed to find out that…

  • Cirque is a “green” company and each member has their own coffee mug hanging up backstage with their name on it (who knew?!)
  • When traveling they stay in luxury apartments with their families. Mama always thought being on tour with a “circus” you live a lonely life…so not true!
  • It takes 160 people and three days to raise the Big Top!
  • They do “school” on tour for those still in elementary, junior high and high school and follow the Montreal curriculum where Cirque is based.
  • They hold open auditions for specific acts based on new shows.
  • Each costume is handmade and embellished and takes hours and hours to make. Check out those life-like monkey faces!

Totem is a show about the coming of human life — it’s 2 hours and 30 minutes of pure entertainment that will make your mouth drop open in AWE and AMAZEMENT. We’re doing a date night to see the show but it’s also kid-friendly and perhaps they’ll come home saying they want to “join the Cirque”…just like Mama!

Tickets are currently available in San Diego, visit www.cirquedusoleil.com. See you there!

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