Charlie Brown, Lucy and Linus

Falling for fall with pumpkins, lattes and #CampSpooky!

Charlie Brown, Lucy and LinusOh yes, friends…it’s time for one of the loveliest times of the year — FALL! Yeah…! While Mama had a blast with the kids this summer…traveling, exploring our own town and just being crafty, it was definitely time to get back into the routine of everyday life. Now as we settle into the new school and homework routine, after-school activities and sports and just remain as busy as we did in the summer time, fall just brings something special to the table.

Living in Southern California, we don’t really get to experience any drastic weather changes or the scenic leave change as some areas of the United States, we do get to experience pumpkin patches on every corner of town with overpriced carnival rides, pony rides and all you can bounce bounce houses, Starbuck’s Pumpkin Spice Lattes and Camp Spooky at Knott’s Berry Farm. Yes, you heard Mama right…it’s time to celebrate Halloween with The Peanuts Gang.

Last year Mama and family were lucky enough to experience Camp Spooky for the first time as a family and it’s one of the best theme parks in Southern California. First off, it’s not spooky at all but rather celebrates the whimsical side of Halloween, which is Mama’s favorite part of the holiday. Smiling pumpkins, not scary pumpkins is Mama’s rule of thumb. Oh, and it makes Mama nostalgic…as only Charlie Brown and friends could. Every year we watch The Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown and laugh and laugh as he waits and waits…it has definitely become a Halloween tradition.

While Knott’s is fun EVERY day of the year with all the fun roller coasters, rides and games, Camp Spooky will entertain your kiddos with special activities like Snoopy’s Costume Contest and Parade; Charlie Brown’s Spooktacular Show; Scary Stories at the Lodge; a Creepy, Crawly Critter Cave; and a Monster Factory (an interactive maze where things “go bump in the night!).

Not to mention all the Bewitching Treats that will be available throughout the park…yum…sugar high! This year Mama is going to surprise the kiddos and not tell them when and where we’re going. The screams of delight will be priceless when we show up at Camp Spooky without a hint. It may or may not show up on Mama’s Instagram and Twitter feed (@EverydayMama is the name…of course!).

Today is only the first day of fall but the minute it turns October 1st, Mama is putting up the Halloween decorations. Camp Spooky runs every weekend, October 5-27 from 10 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., and is included with your Knott’s Berry Farm regular admission price. In fact, you may consider a Knott’s season pass for the whole family because of all the fun you’ll have!

Mama hopes to see you there…we’ll be the ones hanging with Snoppy and friends!

***Disclosure: Mama was invited to a press event at Camp Snoopy by GigaSavvy in exchange for this blog post. All opinions are Mama’s…meaning Camp Snoopy really is cool or Mama wouldn’t have talked about it (journalistic integrity and all).


Mama’s Back-to-School #Giveaway: Westfield’s ‘Unlock the Fun’

unlockthefunSay what?! Back-to-school time?! Doesn’t it seem like yesterday Mama was just exclaiming how summer was finally here…it’s true, everyone is gearing up for the next big school year. Lily-girl will be started second grade, Baby Boy is headed to Pre-K and CeCe…well, we’re just hoping she’s going to start talking before her 2nd birthday. Mama LOVES back-to-school shopping…the thrill of a new backpack and lunch box, new shoes, new socks and the first day outfit. Unfortunately for Lily-girl and all her little friends…it’s back to the uniform but at least the styles have been updated this year (goodbye 80′s skort and hello skirt with built-in bike shorts)!

To celebrate the shopping back-to-school frenzy, Westfield North County is hosting a FREE family-friendly ‘Unlock the Fun” style and fashion event on Saturday, August 24 and Sunday, August 25 from 12 p.m. to 6 p.m., that will include free fashion advice from San Diego-based Stylist Jennifer Rosson of Style Your Life, a braid and nail art bar, mini makeovers from UK-based Boots Cosmetics and a locker installation event where you can text to win prizes like an iPad Mini, concert tickets and gift cards.

Speaking of gift cards…Mama has one to give you…because…why not?! Here’s how you enter to win your own $50 gift card to Westfield North County that you can spend at any of the stores in the mall (woot, woot!). It’s going to be an AWESOME event so Mama hopes to see you there so we can shop together and enjoy some calm before the back-to-school craziness starts again.

Winner will receive:
-  $50 Westfield North County gift card; you and one guest will be invited to attend the VIP Unlock the Fun Event on Sunday, August 25 from 11 a.m. to 12 p.m. complete with beverage (bubbly!) and dessert reception, and can have a chance to try the different style stations prior to the public.

***Winner must be present at the “Unlock the Fun” VIP event on August 25th to redeem $50 Westfield North County gift card. Winner must confirm/accept prize within 48 hours or another winner will be selected. Giveaway is open to Greater San Diego area residents 18+ years of age. Contest begins Thursday, August 8 and concludes Sunday, August 18 at midnight. Winner will be chosen at random and announced on Monday, August 19. The giveaway is sponsored by Westfield North County, all opinions are Mama’s.

Happy Shopping Mamas! XOXO

Are workouts one size fits all? #30in60

One of the hardest things about being a Mama is finding a little time for yourself. In fact, finding time to workout can be nearly next to impossible. Mama doesn’t know one Mama that doesn’t want to workout and get their pre-baby body back but as we get older we learn to accept that gravity has taken over and that things will just never be the same again. Not for lack of trying. Mama sees fit Mamas all the time and the first thing that comes to mind is…”she has great genes!” Meaning that most likely her body disposition is to naturally bounce back into the skinny shape it was in before. Like Jessica Alba and Nicole Richie…not like Pink and Jessica Simpson. The latter of the four have to work out and eat right — just like the rest of us.

It was after having baby #3 that Mama decided that a new workout was in order. Mama tried home videos but Mama gets easily distracted and loves the social interaction of going to a class. Mama tried yoga — too hard to turn off the brain and live in the moment (with only one hour to workout…Mama wants to sweat it out hard and fast). Mama tried Stroller Strides — not for Mama, as the chance to workout means alone time! Mama tried running — this one actually did work, although running is NOT Mama’s favorite activity. Then came BARRE. A

hh….the love affair with the barre began!

It started out innocently enough…a Groupon. Then it turned into a need more than a want. Then it was a want…a craving brought on by my body and my mind. Need to make it to BARRE today. Two years later and 100 classes in, Mama made her goal of signing the barre. But Mama also noticed that the workout wasn’t making Mama break a sweat anymore. The body shakes were still there but the soreness started to subside and Mama kinda missed it.

During all this Mama’s friends have been incessantly talking about The Dailey Method Carlsbad ( aka @TDMCarlsbad). “You need to try it,” they kept chanting at Mama but loyalty kicked in. Workout studios are like hairdressers — you feel like you’re cheating if you go somewhere else and with all the Facebook and Twitter check-ins that Mama does — Mama was sure she was going to caught. So Mama waited it out…until finally Mama decided it was time to break out of the workout rut and rediscover what other things are out there.

The Dailey Method Interval class at TDM Carlsbad is Mama’s new love. New obsession. Nothing, not even running has made Mama shak


e and sweat like this in a long time. The new Interval class is what was missing from Mama’s original barre class as it’s the perfect combination of cardio and strengthening movements. Now Mama has friends that are in really good shape and even they were huffing and puffing, sweating and shaking through the class. Don’t worry Mamas — that just means it’s WORKING!

If there’s one thing Mama has learned through this workout journey is that you do have to work hard for it to pay off and if you miss a few days or weeks, it’s okay to start right back again where you started the first time because nothing good comes of not trying. So now it’s the Summer Strong Challenge that Mama and TDM Carlsbad are extending to YOU — join us for 30 classes in 60 days. It sounds like a A LOT but in the scheme of things taking that hour for yourself couldn’t be more needed. Oh, and they make it easy by offering childcare for EVERY class (except 6 a.m. because that’s just too early to take care of kiddos) so they’re happy coloring, watching a video, snacking (no peanuts) or playing with the many toys, while you’re getting your workout on.

Don’t let Mama be lonely in this journey…#30in60 with Mama and we’ll high-five our new firm booties and thighs come September…what do you say?!

For more information or to make reservations at The Dailey Method Carlsbad  visit They also have a handy iPhone app…because everything needs an app.

*Disclaimer: Mama was given one month of classes to try TDM but honestly, Mama just bought classes anyways because love is love. Opinions and everything else is Mama’s. Just Mama’s.

A Nordstrom sale…who can resist?!

Anyone else out there love a good sale?! Mama does and the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale is one of the best for stocking up on fall essentials and latest trends. This coming fall season it’s all about leather details, fit and flare dresses, ankle booties and animal prints. So many animal prints!! It’s also a good time to clean out your old jeans and replace them with new ones for an excellent price. As you know Mama has a love affair with Nordstrom because the service is always great and you can return anything, even if it’s from 10 seasons ago and the tags are still on it.

Here’s Mama’s top 10 picks for shopping the sale…if you haven’t already gotten to shop…it’s on through August 4th.

Happy Shopping! XOXO

Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Top 10

Summer Shopping List

We only have four days left of school but who’s counting?! Mama thinks it’s high time to get ready for summer and start shopping. While as much as Mama would love to wear Tory Burch and Versace everyday, the truth is…it’s not happening. This summer is all about budget-friendly shopping for items that look great but also won’t drive Mama to tears as they get ruined by sidewalk chalk, paint and sand while the kids are off for the summer. Think fun prints like tropical flowers, bright stripes and casual shoes that will get you from A to B without missing a beat. Clothes should be breathable and loose so that you can enjoy the summer sun without wearing about sweat stains and suffocating during the really hot months. We’ll talk about bathing suits later this week…because Mama will be here because school is almost out…squee (yes, Mama is more excited than the kids). No alarm clock and no lunches for eight weeks!

Happy Shopping! XOXO

Summer Shopping List


LC Lauren Conrad / Old Navy slip dress / Splendid striped dress / WILLOW & CLAY / Old Navy / LC Lauren Conrad dolman sleeve top / Old Navy / Old Navy tiered skirt / LOFT petite shorts / Gap jersey shorts / Havaianas slip on shoes / Old Navy canvas shoes / DV by Dolce Vita platform wedge / Old Navy ankle wrap sandals / Old Navy tote bag / Kate Spade / Old Navy crochet hat / INSTANT DOWNLOAD // Digital Clip Art // Starfish // summer, beach,…
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