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  1. Hello,

    We would like for you to review our products. Little More Charming is a small business, but we have big dreams. Here at Little More Charming you can personalize accessories with glittering slide on charms making your everyday accessories unique to you. Our accessories make great gifts, cute goody bags, and awesome for party favors for young girls and tweens. Our collections include canvas tote bags, wristlets, flip flops, bracelets, and colorful caps and visors. You can check us out at

    Sincerley Yours,

    Serena Walker

    Little More Charming

  2. I know this is probably an impossible question, but do happen to have any more info on the name of the Anthropologie romper featured in “Lets romp” July 2010 …I know it’s by Mermaid, but need the name. THANKS :)

    1. I don’t! Since it was so long ago, I doubt they still make it but you might be able to find one on e-bay :) Thanks for reading!

  3. Hello there.

    If one of my clients wants to place a small text link on your page, what would it cost?
    Do you have a costing plan for ads?
    Also, how would you accept payment?

    Kindest regards

  4. The city of Irvine has been expanding since the 1960’s and is known as one of the safest cities in America. I am proud to be an Irvine resident, but these recent construction projects have been making me increasingly dissatisfied with the direction our city is taking. I remember a time when we used to have back yards and nature trails, but now it seems that the spaces between us and our neighbors are becoming smaller and smaller. I wouldn’t be surprised if in a couple of years our windows are mere inches apart.

    My main issue is the new construction over the great park. This part of town has had so much new construction that many new communities are not even half occupied. Yet the Irvine Company wants to build five thousand more houses over the land that was originally designated to be our great park.

    Where is the demand for these homes? I don’t see it. My neighbors don’t see it. Who profits from all of this construction and how many of my tax dollars are going into new houses that will most likely remain unoccupied for years? Why were we, as Irvine residents in the area not informed prior to the start of construction? Why are rental prices going up if we’re getting all this new housing? These things don’t add up for me. And most importantly, why are these new projects made so cheaply that walls show cracks within months?

    I’d love to have some clarifications and answers, and hopefully a voice for the next time the Irvine Company wants to take away our small bits of nature in the land of concrete and fake grass. As a resident in one of the brand new apartment communities, I’m seeing all of this first hand and I am not happy in the slightest.

    A concerned citizen,

    Bryan Bailey

  5. Introduction In short :- FAIZAN INTERNATIONAL ” from Bhadohi – India ,

    We are :- A Goverment of Indian Registered Manufacturer / Exporter & Stockist .

    We Produce : All the qualities of Indian Hand-Made / Hand-Crafted Carpets, Rugs,Shaggy , Dhurries, Puff & Home Decor ( Hand-Knotted / Hand-Woven / Hand-Tufted / Hand-Hooked / Hand-Loom / Flat-Weaved / Indo-Tibetan / Tabel-Tuft )

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