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Mama’s life lessons for the week…

No excuses why Mama has been MIA for the past two weeks but really, it can be chalked up to life just living. However Mama has learned a lot in the last few days that can be summed up in a perfect top ten list. Hold your hats…because here we go…!

1. Mama is more like Maggie Gyllenhall in Won’t Back Down than one originally thought. Having a safe, pleasant and respectful learning environment for Mama’s kids is number one and education – well, that actually is number two on Mama’s list because you can get an amazing education at some very top-rated public schools all around the U.S.. It’s amazing that we live in a world where children think it’s okay to talk disrespectfully to adults, bully their schoolmates that are different from them and that adults simply sit by and let it happen. Shocking but true. Don’t sit back and let it happen – time to start a Coup d’etat parents and let your voices be heard. Don’t let your family be a victim before you do something. It’s more of a shock and awe moment for Mama because this has been happening since the beginning of time but for some reason, it doesn’t affect you until it does. Oh, and check out the movie — highly recommend it.

2. Mama has finally found the perfect jeans and they are under $75. Perfect for Mamas that like a sexy jean without the whale tail, try Gap’s 1969 Stiletto Jean, $69.95. The waist is not so high that you’re channeling Jessica Simpson’s on-stage fashion disaster but not so low that your afraid to bend down and pick up that sippy cup and the slight flare at the bottom is flattering on every height. Seriously IN LOVE with these jeans!!

3. Mama’s new favorite hiding spot is in the bathroom with the iPad playing Candy Crush. Life has changed since Mama’s children found this game…ugh…now to get to level 55.

4. Navy looks good on everyone!! Mama is totally inspired by the new Great Gatsby movie coming out this summer so why not have  a dress that is reminiscent of the era as well, Pim + Larkin Gatsby Dropwaist Dress, $79, is just what you need for a casual or dressed up look.

5. Wrapping yourself in saran wrap is not as easy as it looks and you can lose inches doing it (more on that on Monday)…

6. The world wasn’t ready for an American Pope but we’re getting close…perhaps in the next 100 years. Although it was quite nice to watch another moment in history on the TV.

7. J.T. now rules the world with Jay Z and Bey coming in a close second. On another note, Bey’s new song…great way to get people talking about the album. Let my kids rock out to that song? Nope. Keep it clean Bey — you’re a Mama now.

8. Kids are still obsessed with poop, farts and anything resembling a toilet. Why? Who knows but Mama has learned to laugh with them.

9. It has been more Pinterest fails that successes these days. Plus, does anyone really want to see your pinned birthing video? NOT REALLY! Let’s stick to recipes, crafts and decorating ideas people.

10. Is it spring break time yet?

Happy Weekend Mamas!! XOXO

Weekend Inspiration #3: Anchors Away…

Here’s the thing about three day weekends…one can never catch-up. For the entire next week you’re always off by one day and you feel like you’re walking sideways because you didn’t drink your V8 that day. So…alas the week is finally ending and it’s time to start the weekend off right with a little shopping inspiration.

The hubs said to me the other day…“Mama, can’t you go one day without spending money?” 

As Mama looked at him dumbfounded because we all know that money grows on trees (according to Lily-girl it really does because money is made of paper and paper is made from trees…try that logic on your hubs)…“well, maybe if Mama doesn’t leave the house and you take away all the technology that allows Mama to shop online.”

“However, Mama can’t promise anything if the Avon lady, Fuller Brush guy or the Encyclopedia sales men comes knocking at the door. Or the Girl Scouts with their cookies — then all bets are off!”

He hasn’t asked since then but we all know that it is nearly impossible to not spend money for a day. We’ve run out of milk, kids need a check for their field trip, the car needs gas, Lily-girl has a project at school and we need craft supplies…the list is endless on how the money is spent. For the next week, Mama is writing down every time we spend money and what its for. Mama thinks it will give us a better perspective on need vs. want. But what’s better than shopping for something you really, really want?! Nothing really…because shopping for toilet paper and diapers at Target just gets a little Groundhog Day after awhile.

Here’s to changing it up this weekend…Mama is feeling so nautical and can’t wait for spring and all these fun stripes. Have any favorites?

Happy Shopping! XOXO 

From top left:

Hive & Honey Chevron Striped Maxi Dress, $64, at

Anchor Ring, $38, at

Gabby Sweatshirt, $68, at

Anchor Printed Chambray Shirt, $22.50, at

Anchor Hinged Bangle, $38, at

Embroidered Anchor Stripe Tee, $34.95, at

Weekend inspiration #2: Off to the gym!

Who’s ready for a little gym-spiration?! While it has been a little too chilly to actually get out of the house and go running outside or to go to the gym and run on the treadmill, Mama has managed to get to Barre class twice a week. But despite that, you know that Mama and all the other Mamas in the morning are hanging around the school chit-chatting in their “Lulus.”

Yes, you know Mama is talking about you…and you…and you. You in the yoga pants, jacket and running shoes, when you have no intention of ever hitting the gym that day. We all do it. It’s comfortable, easy and for the most part, you don’t have to go the extra step to put on a bra when you have a built-in bra in your tank top. A super trendy time-saver if you ask Mama.

So here’s a little inspiration to head to the gym or just hang out in front of the school in…either way, you’ll look stylin’ in the carpool lane!

Happy Shopping! XOXO

Devotion Long Sleeve Tee, $68, at

Zella Live In Melange Reversible Leggings, $58, at

Tieks Ballet Flats, $175, at

Abbey Road Headband, $17, at

Zella Gathered Tote, $45.56, at

Flip with no Flop Tank, $58, at

GapFit Full-Zip Jacket, $69.95, at

Weekend inspiration #1 — cozy comforts

As Mama said yesterday, 2013 is going to be a year of awesome, a year of change and fresh beginnings so on that note, Mama is starting out a new Friday fashion column — Weekend Outfit Inspirations. While most of the time Mama picks items that go together to make a complete outfit, this column is going to be more about inspiration for you, the Mama. Think of it as your own personal “Pinterest” page…or, maybe not, but it is pinable if you find something you like.

Right now it’s cold (well, as cold as it gets in Southern California which is basically 43 degrees), windy and rainy. Mama just wants to curl up with a mug of hot chocolate, pop in a movie (or download as everything goes these days), a bowl of popcorn and a warm, fuzzy blanket. However, soccer games and birthday parties are on the agenda this weekend which means no chance of staying in bed too long this weekend. So this weekend’s inspiration is all about cozy, comforts…warm oversized sweaters, corduroy jeans, tall boots and soup bowls…anyone have any new must try soup recipes?!

Happy Weekend Mamas! 

From top left (top to bottom):

AG Stevie Cord in Apricot, $99.95, at

Vince Camuto Keaton Boots, $110.99, at

Hinge Shawl Collar Cardigan, $88, at

Ruched Ankle Daily Leggings, $24.50, at

Inside Out Bowls, $8, at

Threshold Chenille Multitonal Throw, $24.99, at

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