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Yes, it’s a Madewell sale!

Here’s the thing, Mama’s New Year’s resolution was: Not to buy something just because it’s on sale. However, today there is a sale and Mama must share it with you because it’s awesome and you can get some great items for spring that are quality and on trend. Mama has to tell you that this resolution has been especially hard. One can eat healthier, work out more, go on more date nights, yell less at the kids but NOT SHOP?! Hold me back because sales are Mama’s weakness…it’s like take five dollars off and Mama is there!

Here’s Mama’s picks for Madewell’s 40 percent off sale that is TODAY only. You also get FREE SHIPPING!! If you haven’t heard of Madewell, it’s J. Crew’s little sister — classics with a bit of trend.

Happy Shopping! XOXO

Pintuck Blouse, $70.50.

Laid-back Tee in Stripe, $28.50.

Stitch Dot Shorts, $52.50.

Chevron Cuff, $15.50.

The Lovelock Tote in Emerald, $160.50.**Worth the money!!

Rail Straight Jeans in Western  Wash, $59.50.

Everyday jeans…

This series is brought to you by Levi’s® Curve ID. Find your custom fit at Levi’s® stores or

Once upon a time before a baby started spitting up all over Mama again…Mama lived and breathed fashion day-in-and-day-out. That time has come where it’s time to squeeze the muffin top back into those jeans and start looking presentable albeit stylish once again. It’s time. The four month mark is approaching and everyday jeans have never felt or looked better. Jeans are such a Mama uniform — aren’t they? Even before becoming a Mama, Mama lived for casual Fridays at the office. Jeans were always on the must-wear list and could be dressed up with heels and a blazer for a hip, yet casual office look or dressed down with flats and a billowy blouse for a fun, weekend look.

Jeans…everyone has them…but do they really know HOW to wear them? Believe it or not, jeans can be one of those items that you can make look bad…especially if you’re wearing the wrong cut or style of jean or perhaps are taking a fashion risk and trying the new colors and printed jeans that are in style right now. You must be careful because one wrong move and you’ll be committing “Jean-o-cide” in the world of style…TSK! TSK!

Let’s take a look at how Mama styles her Everyday Mama jeans…

For spring, Mama is loving the boyfriend style jean (perfect for those not so skinny days)…try a white pair for a clean spring look. Levi’s Modern Curve Ankle Skinny Jeans, $68, at

A flat sandal will take you everywhere in jeans this spring and summer. Bandolino Positive Sandal, $59, at

Pair it with a flirty, floral top for a look that can take you from the park to lunch to the school meeting. Tucker Short Sleeve Polo Blouse, $265, at

For a night-time look, Mama is loving these paired with a dark pair of skinny jeans:

Sabine Vintage Lace Blouse, $69, at

Topped off with the Charlotte Cardigan, $98, at, for a POP of color which is perfect for spring! Mama loves the deep pink color.

Don’t forget the shoes…a classic pair of black Jimmy Choo heels should do it ($655)….but these ones are just as cute,  Colin Stuart Patent Platform Pump, $69, at

How do you wear your jeans?


“I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective, which endorses Blog With Integrity, as I do.

New discoveries…!

Hi there! It’s Mama again…popping in for an appearance! While yes, one of Mama’s resolutions was to get back to daily updating…so far, it hasn’t happened because well…you know…the poop, the feeding, the carpools, the napping (not Mama, them!), the other styling job and the other writing jobs have all gotten in the way but soon enough you’ll have Mama back…soon enough. Then you’ll wish that Mama just went away again (HA!). Not for lack of ideas though…boy, does Mama have a ton of them!

But first let Mama do one little rant…just one Mama promises! Why is it that every time Mama turns on the news or the Internet to find out what’s happening in the world, in Mama’s country and around the city we dwell…why is it that there is another baby, toddler or child gone missing? Stolen in the night from their home or disappeared into thin air? WHY IS IT? It’s not only heartbreaking that Mama can’t really do much to help when they’re across the country but it’s depressing too. Has our society gone mad crazy to steal and kill these babies? Mama doesn’t remember hearing about all these stolen babies when Mama was growing up. We just played in our neighborhood and didn’t really worry about strangers stealing us off the street. The other day Mama explained “stranger danger” yet again to Lily-girl, who is now old enough to be dropped off by herself at dance, gymnastics, etc. but in the end, Mama is petrified to leave her there alone. Last week she decided not to wait inside for us but OUTSIDE! EEK!! Mama was a’ freakin’! Mama is contemplating a cell phone for her that calls only Mama, Daddy and one other emergency number for when she does get dropped off. It’s called the Firefly Phone, $49.99 — is Mama being overly dramatic about this or are you a little petrified too? Is six too young for an emergency cell phone?

Okay, now that Mama has gotten that out…let’s do some sharing of some FUN new finds that Mama has found that are just fabulous and that Mama needs and you need too. Happy Wednesday Mamas!

Mama has TONS of friends with new little babies (and a lot that don’t) but this, this my friends is just an awesome gift that will last and last in either a nursery, home office or just as everyday decor with a purpose. Green Your Air is an eco-friendly plant company that helps Mamas create clean spaces in their home with air-filtering plants. Not only that but they come in CHIC little pots (with chevrons…swoon!) and are a super budget-friendly gift, $35, and it will last forever…not like that onesie that only lasts a few months (but Mama loves onesies TOO!!). There is NASA research behind each of the plants that they actually do filter out chemicals from the air you breathe. Right now they’re offering a limited time discount at 25 percent off using the code: MILKFRIENDLY, it expires January 22, 2011. What a great way treat for yourself or someone you love for the new year!

Speaking of cleaning, Mama is on a mission to get this house in tip-top shape for the new year. So far, it’s slow-going but we’re getting there. So Mama is getting in the mood to get some more storage bins for the toys and everything else that seems to make it’s way to the floor. Mama is loving the new storage designs at Serena & Lily but they are a little pricy at $24 each (Pandan Bins) but The Container Store also has some adorable ones for $7.99 right now and they’re Polka Dot! Now that is enough to get Mama started on her organizing…

Okay so this is something that Mama has never seen before and can’t wait to try…because you know how much Mama loves accessorizing…have you heard of Origami Owl Custom Jewelry?! Why, yes it’s something of a home jewelry party but it’s better than that…you can do it with your kids! You start by choosing from a ton of charms that tell something about your life, your personality…really anything! Then you choose a locket — they even have vintage-styles and ones with diamond bling. Then you choose a chain, some dangles for extra bling and style or even a hand-stamped plate…and, viola…custom jewelry that tells the story of YOU. How adorable and a great idea to do with the littles. If you’re an Origami Owl rep in Mama’s area — look Mama up — let’s do a PARTY! You can also order online but Mama doesn’t think that is as fun as doing it with a bunch of girlfriends and their kiddos. Check out:

Now that Baby Boy’s birthday is done and gone (although, Mama is still cleaning up the aftermath…), it’s time to move onto Lily-girl’s party planning! Mama is thinking of a Candyland theme this year…you know a BIG Candy Bar (Amy Atlas style of course), Lollypops hanging down…just one big sugar high! In the search for everything perfect, Mama has happened upon Layer Cake Shop — an awesome site with cute decorating items and baking. Mama is thinking these striped bags…are a must-have because they’re only $4.25 for 24 and they come in black and yellow too! SWEET — a must PIN!

Speaking of jewelry…the spring 2012 Stella & Dot spring line is out…it’s cute and very springy…who’s ready to party with Mama and wear some beautiful baubles?! There’s even a necklace named after Pippa Middleton (look left, $69)…AWWW!

Do you have a favorite find? Do tell!

January Must-Haves…

Be still Mama’s beating heart, are we already in new year?! And to top it off, Mama has only made it here three times this week…better than not at all these days. Let Mama back track…because for some reason people think that Mama can do it all. While Mama tries her hardest…sometimes Mama does fail. It doesn’t look that way on the outside but on the inside — in the “inner circle” — we know that Mama didn’t make those holiday cards or the birthday invitations. Nope, not in the least. Did Mama bake that bundt cake? Nope, not this time.

But you know what? Mama is okay with that. For now. Letting little things slide in order to get more quality time with the kids is worth it. For now.

However, it’s now time to put the holidays behind us (and the birthdays…for now) and head into a new month, a new year and a new way of living because isn’t that what January is all about…a clean slate and all that jazz?! So here’s a few things to cheer you up this BLAH-U-ARY and make this month go by a little bit faster so we can rush into hearts, lollipops and lots and lots of XOXOs in February!

Must-do — Mama can’t believe that so far this one hasn’t been leaked to the masses and well, Mama was kind-of keeping it a secret because it’s one of the secrets to Mama’s success…well at least in the DIY craft world. This is how Mama and Lily-girl made Christmas this year — via the Web site, It’s fabulous and well, a must-do to start your year off right. is a discounted craft site that sells one item a day until it sells out…and believe Mama, they sometimes sell out in minutes. For teacher gifts Mama picked up personalized “desk” stamps for $6 each, bought hair clips and flowers for $10 (and it made like 50!), and bought these amazing scarves for $6 each (high-quality too!). Doesn’t cost you anything to sign-up so be glad you did and you can thank Mama later! The only thing that worries Mama now…is more competition on the things that Mama wants to buy mass quantities of…

Must-have — did you know that girls are supposed to wear shorts underneath their uniform skirts (and everyday skirts for that matter…)?! No, either did Mama! Probably because when Mama was going to school, they were built-in (hey, it was the style way back then). Well, not wanting to leave Lily-girl up to humiliation because she wears Barbie and Princess underwear, Mama just found MonkeyBar Buddies. They are specifically made to wear underneath skirts and come in tons of colors to match the skirt they’re wearing. Buy a few pairs to keep on hand because you never know when they might come home crying because some little boy or girl saw their underpants (devastating…). MonkeyBar Buddies, $16 for shorts.

Must-read — this month’s book club pick is Cinderella Ate My Daughter by Peggy Orenstein. It’s just what it says and it’s actually frightening when you think about how American Girl, Disney and toy companies shape the way our little girl’s think about themselves. It’s pure marketing genius all engineered to make a quick buck based on adult/parent behaviors. This gives you an inside look at how the “girlie-girl” culture we live in could have a negative impact on our daughters as they grow up including pre-mature sexualization and self-esteem issues. Definitely a must-read in today’s world! Cinderella Ate My Daughter, $10.19, at

Must-do — if you’re like Mama you’re probably thinking — what am I going to do with all those beautiful holiday cards we received? Never fear…there’s always an answer from Mama! Yesterday Mama’s friend said she takes them all and wraps them up in craft paper like a present with twine, labels with the year and puts them away in a box for safe keeping. Then one day the kids can look at them or she can or maybe they may never find their way to light again…however, Mama thinks it’s a brilliant idea. So thank you Nancy for one of this month’s to-dos! Other things you can do with them — make ornaments by cutting them into shapes, hole-punching and adding ribbon to hang for next year’s tree; taking pictures of them and adding them to your phone as their contact photo; and making a photo collage. What do you do with the holiday cards?

Must-have — Speaking of memory keepers, Mama is ordering this memory box from that commemorates 2011. It’s a great place to put in the photos of the year and display on a coffee or side table where you can look through it. You can also put the holiday cards in there…brilliant! Memory Keepers, $38, at Now through January 23, 2012 use the code REMEMBER2011 and receive 40 percent off the Remember When Memory Box…SWEET!

Must-wear — And because Mama always says get something for yourself to start out the month…how about something in Pantone’s color of the year, Tangerine Tango, to start off the year right. All Mama’s picks are at today but this is the one Mama is betting on…Accidentally In Love Long Sleeve Chiffon Dress, $64, at While it’s not quite the reddish orange of Tangerine Tango, it’s a great orange color for the winter season!

Happy January!

Post-holiday shopping…! *Giveaway*

Hello, hello…anyone there?!

It’s me, Mama!



Sorry, it’s been awhile. This three kids thing and then the holidays…wow, that’s been time-consuming. Since Lily-girl, Baby Boy and Mama decided to do a handmade holiday this year, that took quite a bit of our time last week doing our last minute preparations but in the end, it all worked out well. We had a great time making our gifts and Mama is quite sure that everyone appreciated them much more than store-bought gifts (well…maybe!). However, no is the time to shop, shop, shop! The deals are happening and there’s no stopping Mama from a great deal. In fact, it’s time to stock-up for birthdays and other celebrations that may be coming up in the next year. While Mama has never pretended to be a bargain shopper, there is no stopping Mama from a good deal. Hence that one time when Mama went crazy for all those deal sites…that’s a whole other story…

This week Mam

a is loving for some fantastic deals on kids toys, clothing, gear and even family-friendly travel too at deep discounts (50-90 percent off)! An online private-sale site, you can easily join by signing up to receive their daily e-mails telling you about their AWESOME sales and also…they give you a $15 credit if you invite friends to join. Featured sales have included big brands like Melissa & Doug, Disney, Zutano, Trumpette, Alex Toys and Kidorable. Discounts and FREE money to spend?! Where do I sign-up???

Glad you asked…click HERE!

Oh and to sweeten the deal even more…Totsy is giving away to an Everyday Mama reader a Melissa & Doug Prize Pack featuring a Noah’s Ark Shape Sorter, Bloss

om Bright Flashlight and Pull-Along Zoo Animals…all valued at $58! SWEET! Nothing to lose here so go ahead and ENTER and see what great deals you can thank Mama for getting in the coming months thanks to Totsy :)

Be back tomorrow for some more SWEET post-holiday deals that you won’t want to pass up!









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