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Weekend inspiration #2: Off to the gym!

Who’s ready for a little gym-spiration?! While it has been a little too chilly to actually get out of the house and go running outside or to go to the gym and run on the treadmill, Mama has managed to get to Barre class twice a week. But despite that, you know that Mama and all the other Mamas in the morning are hanging around the school chit-chatting in their “Lulus.”

Yes, you know Mama is talking about you…and you…and you. You in the yoga pants, jacket and running shoes, when you have no intention of ever hitting the gym that day. We all do it. It’s comfortable, easy and for the most part, you don’t have to go the extra step to put on a bra when you have a built-in bra in your tank top. A super trendy time-saver if you ask Mama.

So here’s a little inspiration to head to the gym or just hang out in front of the school in…either way, you’ll look stylin’ in the carpool lane!

Happy Shopping! XOXO

Devotion Long Sleeve Tee, $68, at

Zella Live In Melange Reversible Leggings, $58, at

Tieks Ballet Flats, $175, at

Abbey Road Headband, $17, at

Zella Gathered Tote, $45.56, at

Flip with no Flop Tank, $58, at

GapFit Full-Zip Jacket, $69.95, at

Run Mama…Run!

Okay, we all know how Mama feels about running…it’s Mama’s least favorite form of exercise. However, Mama has come to the realization that this baby belly isn’t going ANYWHERE without a little running being done. So Mama has taken the bull by the horns and last week ran. Yes, ran. It was only for a short time (15 minutes…perhaps?!) but the whole time Mama was thinking…“why do people torture themselves like this?”

So now Mama is committed to make it back to the treadmill another three times this week to run like there’s a Sprinkles cupcake waiting at the finish line (better be more than just one actually!)….just like they always said, “no pain, no gain.” Then just as Mama was finishing up a week of workouts sore and tired, Mama was sent a “before and after” photo of a friend that just underwent a 12-week program to transform her body and it was AH-MAZING. Mama immediately called her…GIVE ME THAT NUMBER!!

The catch? She eats a boring diet, works out for 90 minutes a day and drinks one of her meals instead of eats it…ugh. Can Mama be that disciplined to do that…? Mama isn’t quite ready to go that for so for now it’s increasing the cardio, going to Mama’s favorite barre class and eating more quinoa and less desserts. Not to mention that you have to drink enough water to float a boat…which means you go to the bathroom every 20 minutes…

Mama’s point is this: what works for one person’s body, doesn’t mean it will work for you. Take health and fitness advice, apply it and modify it to meet your own personal goals and needs.

There are so many fun ways to add cardio to your daily life, such as vacuuming, mopping, chasing your stubborn toddler up and down the hall and stairs to brush their teeth…wait…that’s not fun??? Such is a Mama’s daily life that we get so busy taking care of others and the needs about the house that we forget to take care of ourselves. Take 30 to 60 minutes at least three days a week to think about YOU because if you’re not around in a few years because you’ve been slacking on your own health and fitness, it’s your own family that will suffer. Here’s a few suggestions that will make it easy for you to make the time you need to focus on YOU this summer:

  • Go for a walk with the baby in the stroller or make it a game, such as a nature hunt, with your toddler or preschooler. They’ll love the fresh air and you both will reap the benefits of a nice walk.
  • Have you been wanting to try a new fitness class? Grab your best girlfriend and try kickboxing, Zumba, spinning, a barre class (if you’re local…Mama LOVES her Studio Barre) or perhaps a pole dancing class (it’s FUN and it’s a great workout). You’ll have to go because she’s meeting you there and who knows…you could pick up some great “50 Shades” tips for the boudier!
  • Mark it in your calendar. Many places offer not only childcare during classes now (up to 2 hours FREE at some places) making it super easy and enticing but they also give you the opportunity to make online reservations. Make working out like a meeting — mark it in the calendar and you’re more likely to stick to your schedule.
  • Reward yourself. Mama is all about rewards. Have you been eyeing that new jacket at Lululemon? How about the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale…anything catch your eye?? Well, make a deal with yourself. If you stick to your workout schedule for at least two weeks then reward yourself with something special. It doesn’t have to be big but just like kids, we like to be rewarded for a job well done!
Enough sitting at the computer reading this…go, go, go…take care of YOU! What’s your favorite new workout that Mama should try?

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Bike built for two!

There’s nothing like going on a nice bike ride to the beach. Although, it’s quite a different experience when you have young kids in tow — that don’t peddle! Mama saw a whole family cruising to the beach the other day and Lily-girl could not stop talking about our next bike ride. Of course our rides consist of around the block to the park because training wheels only get you so far.

Then Mama saw this machine…what a beauty! The little girl was riding in back and Mama was in the front. It’s a Schwinn Tango Tandem Bike, $650 (not cheap!).

However, how is Baby Boy going to go with us? And since Lily-girl is still on training wheels, can she really pedal this puppy? Not a chance! Mama did find some good alternatives however and the cutest bike helmets around.
WeeRide LTD Kangaroo Child Bike Seat

Seat with a view — Mama is loves the WeeRide LTD Kangaroo Child Bike Seat because it attaches to the front of your bike rather than the back. This way you can see your child and make sure they aren’t falling out or unbuckling their straps. They will also love looking out rather than looking at your back. Baby Boy gives it two thumbs up! Available at, $70.

Schwinn Hitch Hiker TrailerHitchhiker — this is much more up Lily-girl’s alley for bike-riding — a Hitch Hiker Trailer that fits on the back of Mama’s bike. The parent controls the steering, pedaling and braking make it easy for young ones to come along for the ride. Great for interim bike riding between riding on their own and training wheels. Available at, $139.99.

InStep Take 2 Double Bicycle Trailer (Blue)Trailer tail – if you have more than two kids to take along that aren’t able to ride along side you, try a bike trailer built for one or two. It attaches to the back of the bike for a smooth, easy ride. Available at, $75 for the double-wide!

Even if your little one is in a trailer, always suit them up in a helmet for safety! Mama adores the Nutcase Little Nutty Bike Helmets — the designs are so fun and the kids will love wearing them. Available at, $45.

Fast workout fixes for Mamas

Mama’s workouts lately have consisted of a random Pilates class when I can get Baby Boy into the kid’s club at the gym and lifting him up and down the stairs and in and out of the car. Believe me — it is a workout — he weighs 23 lbs.!! If Mama is super motivated, you can find me doing Just Dance on the Wii with Lily-girl — definitely gets you sweating (counts as cardio, right?).

Looking at that list, Mama now sees how pathetic it is. Stepping up my game, Mama has found new ways to workout that are just so fun. One thing to remember — when you workout, it’s not supposed to be glamourous. That’s the difference between glistening and sweating — if you’re glistening, you’re not working hard enough.

ValslideSlide to slide — while some fitness equipment is gimmicky, these Valslides are amazing. They actually really work too! Mama loved that you can use them on any surface — tile, carpet, hardwood — and it makes you have an unstable training surface to perform slideboard exercises. The Valslides help target the core and you feel it after the first time you use them. Worth every penny and if you don’t believe Mama — even Jennifer Garner uses them! Available at, $38.95.

Elliptical Stroller — Mama has seen it all…turn your stroller into an Elliptical Trainer. Love Handles attach to nearly every stroller to turn the stroller into an overall fitness machine. They come fully assembled and are super easy to use. You may look a little funny walking down the street but…they give you an amazing workout. Imagine the jealously you’ll get at Stroller Strides when you roll up with these attached to your BOB. Definitely a must-have for Mamas with strollers. Available at, $99.99.

For new Mamas — you’ll love the Mama and Me workout from chicks-n-chickens. It’s a series fun, easy to learn movements that include dancing, swaying, stretching and relaxing that are done while holding your baby or while they are in a baby carrier. It’s so cute and a great way to bond with baby and get a workout in! Available at, $29.95.

P90X — just try it, Mama dares you! The best workout ever to whip you into shape for bikini season. Available at, $69.85.

Now get your sweat on!

Workout & Wear it Out

Nothing gives Mama the motivation to workout more than sporting a new wardrobe! Mama ends up wearing workout wear for more than half the day before it actually makes it to the gym. Since I’m wearing it for pick-up and drop-off at school and to do errands, it has to look presentable but also be comfortable! Here’s Mama’s top picks for workout wear that can either make it to the gym or just be worn about town! Namaste…

  • Start at the top — Mama is a big fan of supporting the ta-tas! The goal is to keep them from grazing the belly button but not skimming the top of your chin either. Lululemon Athletica makes the most supportive tops for large-chested women, Mama is a huge fan as you can’t go wrong with any of the styles. While it’s a bit pricey, you save money by not having to also buy a sports bra with extra support. Mama’s style pick – Athletic Deep V Tank III. Available at, $54.
  • Bottoms up — nothing like a good pant that’s at a bargain price to get Mama excited. Try Old Navy’s Fold-over Yoga Capri for a great fit and at a great price! Available at, $16.50.
  • Wrap it up — nothing is cuter than this wrap which reminds Mama of a ballerina! Made of Organic Luxe Supima Cotton, it will keep you warm in and out of the gym. Available at, $48.
  • Scarf time– another great find from we pilates, the Tory Burnout Scarf just adds enough to complete the outfit without overdoing it. Who actually wears jewelry to the gym anyways?! Available at, $24.
  • Under it all – okay, sometimes a sports bra is required! Mama loves the support that KALYX offers. Try the Centered Sports Bra for support and comfort (great for new mamas too!). Available at, $40.
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