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Summer Shopping List

We only have four days left of school but who’s counting?! Mama thinks it’s high time to get ready for summer and start shopping. While as much as Mama would love to wear Tory Burch and Versace everyday, the truth is…it’s not happening. This summer is all about budget-friendly shopping for items that look great but also won’t drive Mama to tears as they get ruined by sidewalk chalk, paint and sand while the kids are off for the summer. Think fun prints like tropical flowers, bright stripes and casual shoes that will get you from A to B without missing a beat. Clothes should be breathable and loose so that you can enjoy the summer sun without wearing about sweat stains and suffocating during the really hot months. We’ll talk about bathing suits later this week…because Mama will be here because school is almost out…squee (yes, Mama is more excited than the kids). No alarm clock and no lunches for eight weeks!

Happy Shopping! XOXO

Summer Shopping List


LC Lauren Conrad / Old Navy slip dress / Splendid striped dress / WILLOW & CLAY / Old Navy / LC Lauren Conrad dolman sleeve top / Old Navy / Old Navy tiered skirt / LOFT petite shorts / Gap jersey shorts / Havaianas slip on shoes / Old Navy canvas shoes / DV by Dolce Vita platform wedge / Old Navy ankle wrap sandals / Old Navy tote bag / Kate Spade / Old Navy crochet hat / INSTANT DOWNLOAD // Digital Clip Art // Starfish // summer, beach,…

Mama is ShoeDazzled by shoes under $50 for summer!

Yes, it’s time for more shoes! Not only that but shoes that are all pretty much less than $50 (except for a select few pairs..) and a personality quiz to match. You all know how Mama went through that faze of taking every personality quiz and then signing up for the service to get a personalized showroom…well there’s a new one in town — Loving it! Here’s a few that were handpicked for Mama this month…

Take the quiz and see what you come up with…Mama is sure you’ll be just as dazzled as she is! Now the hardest part is picking which ones to start with…oh, and did Mama mention that the first pair is 25 percent off and Rachel Zoe is star stylist?!

Happy Shoe Shopping! XOXO

ShoeDazzle Picks!


Gatsby inspired…

Who’s excited to go see The Great Gatsby? While Mama loves the book and is ready to re-read all 185 pages of it before going to see Leo woo Carey Mulligan, is Mama the only one that remembers the last two disaster remakes that Baz Luhrmann did? Remember Romeo and Juliet (also starring Leo DiCaprio and Claire Danes) or even worse, Moulin Rouge?? There was so much happening in the movie that all Mama could possibly take away from it all was that the movies had an awesome soundtrack. It doesn’t matter because we’re all curious and are going to go see the movie anyways, plus Jay-Z is rapping and Leo is always a draw.

If you’re feeling up to it, try dressing up to go see the movie because along with the amazing music of the movie, the fashion is even better!

Enjoy! XOXO!

Gatsby Inspired


Out of Print oversized t shirt


A wear
$100 -

Stella by Bella Belle LLC

Bertie leather sandals
$115 -

Kate spade

Sabine deco jewelry

Sabine jewelry

Mama’s French Lessons

What is better than Paris in the spring? Okay, maybe New York City but that’s about it. Paris is the city of lights and the city of love. Every little girl dreams of going to Paris one day and standing below the Effiel Tower looking up and thinking…this is it…in this moment. The other day Lily-girl came up to Mama and said, “When are we going to Paris? I want to go with you and eat chocolate croissants and you can even have a latte to dip it in.”

*Heart melt* Mama’s little girl has fallen in love with Paris just like Mama did when she was little. In fact, in college Mama worked two jobs while going to school to save up money to do a summer abroad program in Paris. It was worth every cent and every Nutella crepe and chocolate croissant that Mama ate while there (a minute on the lips, a lifetime on the hips…which means it’s all still there…and shifted to the buttocks and belly in the meantime). It was a dream come true to go to Paris to sightsee, to take in the history, the art, the food (yes, even snails), the people, the language and the shopping!

While Mama was so broke while there that buying a street vendor brie cheese sandwich was a delicacy, Mama still walked into the Louis Vuitton and Chanel flagship stores on the Champs and just browsed. They probably were thinking “stupid American tourist with her XOXO bag doesn’t belong in here” but Mama was in one of the meccas of European fashion and was not going to pass up an opportunity to “dream-shop.”

Unfortunately, Mama hasn’t been back to Paris since but one day soon, it will happen and Mama plans on eating more than just brie cheese sandwiches and will walk into Hermes and buy a Birkin bag (not really but we’re dreaming here, aren’t we?!). But lucky for Mama, the love of everything Parisian has settled into American fashion this season as we see stripes, clean lines, scarves and tailored skimmer pants take center stage. It’s not just for Mamas either, the little girl styles with poodles and Effiel Towers are too cute to pass up (look for those tomorrow). Here’s a few of Mama’s Parisian must-haves for the season….Bon Voyage!

Happy Shopping Mamas! XOXO 

1. Wildfox ‘First Date’ Graphic Tee, $64, at (Mama’s going to wear this to bed…hint, hint)

2. Ultra Skinny Printed Pants, $54.95, at

3. Perforated Ballet Flat, $22.94, at

4. Pim + Larkin Dotty A-line Mini, $69, at

5. Stripe by N Bonjour Striped Pullover, $79, at

6. Macaron Pill Box, $9.95, at (what’s more Parisian than a Macaron?)

Mama Inspirationally Distracted…

Currently Mama is having a love-hate relationship with long weekends. While on one hand it’s fabulous to not have to make lunches, wash uniforms and race to school in the morning with grumbly, over-tired kids, the downside is that Mama is completely thrown off for the entire week. These days if Mama doesn’t write down on the to-do list that we need toilet paper or to send the bills, it doesn’t get done. It’s as if pregnancy took Mama’s brain eight years ago and has never really ever given it back to Mama. Sad, but true. No matter how many times Mama reads a blog or a Pintrest tip on how to remember things, Mama forgets it the minute after reading it. Isn’t there a vitamin that helps you regain memory? Like fish oil or something…

Then this weekend Mama decided to catch-up on work and was browsing across some magazines and discovered the Parenting OC Magazine named Mama one of the 15 most inspirational blogs in the area. Mama is HONORED, of course, but then confused because lately Mama has been slacking a whole lot. So now Mama is here to again remind us to live a very stylish, organized and carefree life with screaming but well dressed children in tow.

So now that Valentine’s Day has come and gone, Mama is ready to move on from all the pink and red hearts and get ready for some sweet spring styles. White denim starts to make its way out of the closet, tall boots are swapped for flats, you wear a waterproof anorak instead of a snow parka and you start the search for the perfect bathing suit. Which in Mama’s shopping experience means that you are still searching for that perfect suit ten years later. Let’s wait on the bathing suits for now and just start with a few spring items that are perfectly perfect!

Happy Shopping Mamas! XOXO

1. Margherita Peasant Top, $68, at

2. Sam Edelman Serena Sandals, $140, at

3. HIve & Honey Chevron Stripe Knit Maxi Dress, $69, at

4. Vintage Twist Bracelet in Turquoise and Coral, $39, at

5. Cafe Capri in Dot, $98, at

6. Printed Canvas Tote, $39.50, at

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