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The philosophy of shopping…

Take it from Mama…shopping is completely a mind game on the part of the retailers. Perhaps it’s just because Mama is fuming today over another shopping fiasco (believe it or not…it did not involve Mama’s children) but Mama has had enough of these mind games. It’s time to beat them at their own game. Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Free Shipping Weekend…it’s all a gimmick to get YOU and MAMA to believe that you’re getting a great deal when in fact, you’re not. Let’s dissect the shopping world for a few minutes so you begin to understand how to beat them at their own game…

Group Deal Sites — aren’t you sick of them yet? Everyday there is a new one popping up promising you the BEST and most DIVERSE deals in your area. Yeah right…Mama has seen it all from deals on tattoos to things that Mama loved buying like the one from Shabby Apple (from which brings this fuming post by the way…!) to buy wonderful and beautiful clothing at a deep discount. Here’s the problem — the expiration dates and the hoops one must jump through to redeem them. Mama is one of those last minute deal users. For example, Mama tried to redeem her voucher for Shabby Apple on December 31, 2011. The expiration date was for December 31, 2011. YES…Mama made it! Oh…not so fast or so easy…coupon code says it’s already expired! GRRRRR!!!! This is not the first time this has happened when trying to redeem a voucher on the said expiration date (what can Mama say…Mama lives for deadlines!). So Mama e-mailed the deal company for which it was purchased from…their response, “Not our problem, contact the company!” Huh?! So Mama e-mails the company and doesn’t hear back for almost a week. They extended Mama’s coupon which ended  January 31, 2012. Mama tries to redeem it on the deadline that it was extended to and guess what…YOUR VOUCHER HAS EXPIRED appears on Mama’s screen! GRRRRRRRR….does one give up or keep trying in this instance. So companies, if you give a deadline — STICK TO IT!!! **Mama must say that after contacting Shabby Apple’s customer service again, they did honor Mama’s vouchers — great customer service on their part…not so much on the deal site’s end. Moral of the story — don’t stock up on the deals just because it’s a good deal — they will come again and only buy things you know you’ll use immediately!

One more left in stock — impulse buying! This is totally psychological. Flash sale sites are notorious for this method labeling things like only 4 in stock or putting a 15 minute time limit on your cart. It makes you just push the BUY button instead of taking the time to decide you don’t actually need it. Mama fell into this trap last week buying a diaper bag that was so not needed but there was only ONE left. Mama is trying so hard to be good and not fall into the limited quantity trap but it’s so hard! Moral of the story — don’t fall into the limited quantity trap. If you find it one place, you’ll find it at another too and maybe even at a better price!

The season before it’s needed — this is where Mama always gets into trouble. We’re still in the middle of winter and yet, spring clothing is upon us and so is Easter decor and it’s not even Valentine’s Day yet. So when you go to Target a week before Valentine’s Day, you know that there won’t be anything left. So you stock up and stock up and then…you can’t remember what you have already bought so you end up with so much stuff. It’s the story of Mama’s life! It’s no wonder we’re busting at the seams. That and well…Mama intends to make all these crafty-crafts with Lily-girl and then time always slips away from us. Moral of the story — take inventory before you shop…do you NEED IT? Do you WANT it? Usually it’s always WANT!

How else do they get you to spend? Well, it’s the sale thing…25 percent off, 40 percent off, FREE SHIPPING, Clearance…it’s everywhere all the time and you always think you’re getting a good deal…unless, they actually mark-up the price before the sale?! Ha, that’s how they get us, isn’t it!

So what did Mama buy anyways that sparked this lovely little rant…well, let’s see…

With Mama’s deal coupons…Bon Voyage Dress, $78, at

And this one too…because one wasn’t enough! El Mar Dress, $66, at

Then there was the diaper bag… is great at getting you to impulse buy (only one left!), Yummy Mummy Diaper Bag from Pink Lining UK, marked down to $69 from $129! Although, they are having a pretty good sale :)

What have you bought lately that you just couldn’t resist because of the great price?

Post-holiday shopping…! *Giveaway*

Hello, hello…anyone there?!

It’s me, Mama!



Sorry, it’s been awhile. This three kids thing and then the holidays…wow, that’s been time-consuming. Since Lily-girl, Baby Boy and Mama decided to do a handmade holiday this year, that took quite a bit of our time last week doing our last minute preparations but in the end, it all worked out well. We had a great time making our gifts and Mama is quite sure that everyone appreciated them much more than store-bought gifts (well…maybe!). However, no is the time to shop, shop, shop! The deals are happening and there’s no stopping Mama from a great deal. In fact, it’s time to stock-up for birthdays and other celebrations that may be coming up in the next year. While Mama has never pretended to be a bargain shopper, there is no stopping Mama from a good deal. Hence that one time when Mama went crazy for all those deal sites…that’s a whole other story…

This week Mam

a is loving for some fantastic deals on kids toys, clothing, gear and even family-friendly travel too at deep discounts (50-90 percent off)! An online private-sale site, you can easily join by signing up to receive their daily e-mails telling you about their AWESOME sales and also…they give you a $15 credit if you invite friends to join. Featured sales have included big brands like Melissa & Doug, Disney, Zutano, Trumpette, Alex Toys and Kidorable. Discounts and FREE money to spend?! Where do I sign-up???

Glad you asked…click HERE!

Oh and to sweeten the deal even more…Totsy is giving away to an Everyday Mama reader a Melissa & Doug Prize Pack featuring a Noah’s Ark Shape Sorter, Bloss

om Bright Flashlight and Pull-Along Zoo Animals…all valued at $58! SWEET! Nothing to lose here so go ahead and ENTER and see what great deals you can thank Mama for getting in the coming months thanks to Totsy :)

Be back tomorrow for some more SWEET post-holiday deals that you won’t want to pass up!









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Mama’s good deals **GIVEAWAY**

Who doesn’t love a good deal these days? Mama is definitely not the queen of bargain shopping (there are plenty of those Mama could direct you too…), however, if you tell Mama that she can get $100 worth of clothes for only $40 or a facial that’s $75 for $25 — that’s a good deal! So let’s get talking on where we can find these deals and steals…it’s as easy as a few clicks of the mouse. Don’t sit there with your jaw wide open — keep reading and sign-up to get daily deals delivered to your in-box. 

BuyWithMe — all it takes is a group of 5-10 people in your community (or anywhere) to buy into the daily deal and it becomes active. They feature awesome activities to do in your particular city like kayaking or city tours in addition to restaurant deals ($50 worth of food for $10) and beauty and well-being deals like fitness boot camps or facials — all for an amazing discount! So worth the time to sign-up and if you don’t like the active deals, there will always be a new one tomorrow. The great thing about BuyWithMe is that the deals don’t expire after one day. You have up to six days to purchase but it’s better to do it sooner rather than later! Available in over 10 cities and growing, sign-up at Thanks to our friends at BuyWithMe in San Diego, some lucky local readers will be getting the chance to win a facial, a day of Surf Camp in August for their kids and ONE month of bootcamp — how AWESOME are these deals! Keep reading for how to enter…

Groupon — if you haven’t heard of Groupon, you’re living under a rock. It’s the powerhouse of daily deals and is in over 200 cities, the site churns out daily deals and side deals like they’re going out of style on everything from clothing (Mama recently got a FAB deal on clothing from to activities (think museum admissions or theme parks) to food and beauty. Nothing is off limits! The catch: you must buy in before the deal expires in 24 hours. Sign-up at

Living Social — more daily deals on everything from beauty to food. It’s great that so many sites are popping up with deals as it really adds a variety of things for you to do and discover that you normally do like going to circus school or rock climbing. Sign-up at

PlumDistrict — a new site on the scene is PlumDistrict which caters to moms and families with deals on child-friendly activities, movie tickets in addition to beauty and food. They’ve just soft-launched their Southern California deals so sign-up now to be in the know at

Circle Buzz  – for my local readers, Circle Buzz is perfect for Mamas! It’s everything you need and want for your kids. Haircuts, summer and winter camps, Wiggles tickets, theater tickets — all at an amazing discount! Mama bought one whole week of ice skating camp on the site for $99!! Amazing deals, sign-up at

There are a zillion more but these Mama has found to have the best bang for your buck deals! What’s one more e-mail in your inbox when you can save a few bucks…


Thanks to BuyWithMe in San Diego THREE lucky Everyday Mama readers will win one month of bootcamp at Leah Francis Fitness, a day of Surf Camp in Pacific Beach for your son or daughter (ages 5-12) and a one hour facial at 4 Women Only Fitness and Day Spa. To enter: Post a comment below telling Mama which FREEBIE you would like and why you need it. Sorry on this giveaway it’s local San Diego only…otherwise it would be a very long drive or flight to get here and use these deals. Giveaway ends on Tuesday, August 3 at 5 p.m. 

Still sign-up though as there are amazing deals to be found in your own city! Don’t forget to follow Mama on Twitter and Facebook and invite your friends too….

Just Say SPA (for less than $20)! *Giveaway*

A bargain these days is hard to find! It’s exhilarating when you find a great deal on something amazing…like when you find the perfect fitting jeans and you buy three pairs or the same shirt in three different colors. If that sounds about right, you’ll love this new site!

BuyWithMe is a collective buying site that features unique and exciting things to do around San Diego (currently also in Boston and Washington D.C.) for an amazing price (most are almost 75 percent off the regular price!). In fact, you almost feel guilty buying at their bargain prices because it’s such a steal! So here’s where you come in: in order to make the amazing deals happen a certain number of people must “buy in” to make the deal happen. In most cases, it’s 5 or 6 people — and 99 percent of the time, the deal happens. The vouchers you purchase never expire and they can also be gifted!! So far Mama has gotten a full mobile car detail service for $50 (regularly $250) and a whole month of unlimited Pilates classes for $30 (regularly $150).

Okay, so what’s the current deal — a one month unlimited access membership to Planet Beach Contempo Spa (Mission Valley location/San Diego) for only…wait for it…$19 (regular price – $79)!! The Spa offers three categories of treatments: Relax, Glow and RenewThe Relax services (Massage, Oxygen Therapy, Guided Meditation and Saunatox) help to relieve the stresses of your day while invigorating mind and body in an inspiring, alternative environment. The Glow services (UV Therapy and Mystic Spray Tan) help you achieve a healthy glow and a lifted spirit. And their Renew spa services (Hydro-Derma Fusion, Teeth Whitening, Luminous Facial, UMO Facial amp; Hand and SkinSpa) work to hydrate and rejuvenate your skin to brighten the all-over tone and texture for a more youthful appearance. 

Each self-automated spa treatment is done in 20 minutes and will help you relax and rejuvenate in just the right amount of time…who has time to spend at the spa all day?! Mama knows you probably have $19 hanging out in your couch cushions…so put it towards a little spa therapy for yourself. Just call it an early Valentine’s gift!

Oh, and right now…a bonus deal is happening…Miss. Organized will get you organized in four hours for $150 (50 percent savings!!!). She’ll come in and clear the clutter out of your life so you can continue into 2010 feeling accomplished! She even brings the bags and storage bins…for more details and to purchase click here. Mama bought hers but I need three more buyers – whose with me? 


One lucky Everyday Mama reader will win the one month unlimited membership to Planet Beach Contempo Spa (Mission Valley location). To enter: Post a comment telling Mama what your favorite spa treatment is. For extra entries, Tweet about the giveaway and become an Everyday Mama follower and a fan on Facebook. Giveaway is for San Diego residents only and the contest ends on Saturday, January 23, 2010 at 5 p.m. PST. The winner will be chosen at random by Thanks for reading and good luck!!!

Shore Thing

Keeping with our La Jolla theme this week, I just got notice about a great deal at The La Jolla Shores Hotel — $199 per night!  This I had to check out so I took the kids down to play at the new playground at the Shores Beach and check out the hotel.  Believe me, these days we’re all about the “staycation!” We live in San Diego — why would we ever want to leave?!

The La Jolla Shores Hotel sits beachfront…literally, Lily counted 12 steps from the beach.  There are oceanfront rooms but the real deal is on the garden view rooms for the $199 rate!  The rooms include all the standard room features including an in-room coffee maker with Starbucks coffee and tea and underground guest parking (the parking is a nightmare in this area of La Jolla!).  There is also a nice outdoor heated pool and jacuzzi in case an ocean swim wasn’t on your agenda for the day. But the best part IS the ocean which just sits outside the room — calling your name!  Lily loves the sand so we parked it out front on the adjacent private beach at the property’s sister hotel, the La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club, to build a village of sandcastles. Did you know there is a five year wait list to get into the Beach Club?  
A three year old won’t wait five minutes let alone five years to build her sandcastle so since we were guests of the Shores Hotel, we were open to use the amenities and services of the Beach Club during our stay.  It was fantastic!  I sat under the umbrella in my beach chair with Chace while drinking an iced tea (it wasn’t a Long Island…but it is one of the only beaches left in San Diego where alcohol is allowed since it’s private) while Lily frolicked among the waves.  I also never lost her due to the crowds – it was private and peaceful on this beach.
The room deal is available Sunday-Thursday through the end of the year but I thought it was worth the price just for the day.  I mean a cabana at a hotel can run you the same price or more at some other resorts in town but with the room you get your own bathroom and a place to rest mid-day or lay down the baby for a nap out of the sun. 
The hotel’s main restaurant is The Shores Restaurant which features menus by local favorite and award-winner, Chef Bernard Guillas .  More kid-friendly than the famed Marine Room at the La Jolla Beach and Tennis Club which Chef Bernard also is Executive Chef for, we sat at the Shores and had a wonderful lunch while taking in the ocean views.  Lily opted for the mac and cheese and a vanilla milkshake from the kid’s menu (always a good sign of a kid-friendly establishment!). 
Although, we decided not to spend the night this time we’ll definitely be back again – especially at this price.  I also hear that they do an amazing S’mores set-up on the beach for you…bonfire, plus toasted marshmallows, chocolate and graham crackers = yummy fun!  
For more information and reservations, visit  Tell them Everyday Mama sent you!
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