Summer Shopping List

We only have four days left of school but who’s counting?! Mama thinks it’s high time to get ready for summer and start shopping. While as much as Mama would love to wear Tory Burch and Versace everyday, the truth is…it’s not happening. This summer is all about budget-friendly shopping for items that look great but also won’t drive Mama to tears as they get ruined by sidewalk chalk, paint and sand while the kids are off for the summer. Think fun prints like tropical flowers, bright stripes and casual shoes that will get you from A to B without missing a beat. Clothes should be breathable and loose so that you can enjoy the summer sun without wearing about sweat stains and suffocating during the really hot months. We’ll talk about bathing suits later this week…because Mama will be here because school is almost out…squee (yes, Mama is more excited than the kids). No alarm clock and no lunches for eight weeks!

Happy Shopping! XOXO

Summer Shopping List


LC Lauren Conrad / Old Navy slip dress / Splendid striped dress / WILLOW & CLAY / Old Navy / LC Lauren Conrad dolman sleeve top / Old Navy / Old Navy tiered skirt / LOFT petite shorts / Gap jersey shorts / Havaianas slip on shoes / Old Navy canvas shoes / DV by Dolce Vita platform wedge / Old Navy ankle wrap sandals / Old Navy tote bag / Kate Spade / Old Navy crochet hat / INSTANT DOWNLOAD // Digital Clip Art // Starfish // summer, beach,…
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2 thoughts on “Summer Shopping List”

  1. Hi Everyday Mamma,
    We love your blog and really need your opinion on this one.
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    We value your feed back EDM and ask for everyone elses aswell. We’d like to know if there is an event, concert, theme park, or anyother gathering in which you would dish out so much money Eventhough you are asking for others help to send your child to church camp?

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